Salon Partner programme

Programul Salon Partener

Salon Partner programme

Top Line Shop Partner is integrated progranul TOP LINE which supports its partners to achieve an excellent level of service comparable to Western standards , thus ensuring their supremacy in the competition to attract consumers as nali .

What to do part of the PARTNER SALON TOP LINE ?

Benefi t from diagnosis to your salon Permanent Council on
- Direction of business development
- What brands fit and best serve customers
- Advice on strategy and business plan that will meet the proposed targetelor
- Customized educational programs for staff lounge serves

Access to the most famous brands of furniture, technical equipment , accessories and cosmetics professional

Hair : Joico , Tigi , Goldwell , Vitality 's, Moroccanoil
Manicure - Pedicure : OPI , Alessandro , CND
Cosmetics: Guinot , academic, Babor , Mary Chor , Sothy 's, Depileve
Accessories: GHD Balmain , Kune , Moser , Parlux , Gharieni , Kiepe
Apparatus and Equipment LPG, Ultratone , Ionto comedy Eurofeedback , MBE
Living room furniture : Maletti , Nilo , Gamma
Financing and special discounts
The ability to buy equipment and furniture phased payment
- 50 % deposit + 4 installments ( without interest )
- 40 % deposit + 12 installments (10% interest)
Joining a permanent reduction system based on points as follows:
- Partner Exclusive Top Line - 20% discount
in points (1 point = 1 USD)
- Partner Top Line - 15% reduction in points
(1 point = 1 USD)

Special offers only lounges Shop Partner program Topline

Promotion campaigns salons media partner :
- In the top glossy magazines Romania
- Social Media
- Site Top Line

Providing turnkey promotions and events that can be applied in the salon accompanied by visuals personalized brochures , vouchers, etc.
Special packages and price promotions
Actions 'open ' and other special sales presentations to clients salon
Organizing circuit in promotions and beauty therapies
Support and advice in developing potential sales lounge area " Shop in Shop"

Area Resale ( Shop in Shop) is the key in realizing the potential to increase turnover of the salon .
Increased turnover of salon services is limited by the number of workstations while the potential growth of turnover from the sale of cosmetic products for home, is unlimited.

TOP LINE supports its partners to exploit the growth potential offered by the reseller ( Shop in Shop ) by:
- Advice on planning area resale
- Provide resale area : unitary or modular furniture to order for customizing and optimizing existing space area
- Creative visual solutions for creating the atmosphere of shopping
- Turnkey Solutions signaling promotions and customer information
- Assistance in merchandising products